owen/ the rutabega split

by the rutabega



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Features three songs from South Bend, Indiana's The Rutabega (aka Josh Hensley) and three songs from Owen (aka Mike Kinsella). Includes Mike performing a solo version of "Never Meant" from his American Football days.

Originally released on Backroads Records, the split was repressed by Polyvinyl after it had fallen out of print for almost a year.

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released June 8, 2004

Tracks 1, 2, & 3:
Copyright 2002 Joshua Wayne Hensley Music (ASCAP)
Recorded by Matt Morgan and Josh Hensley, Spring 2002.
Written and performed by Josh Hensley.
Percussion by Matt Morgan.
Pat O'Hara - double bass on track 2.
Omar Arizpe - trombone on track 3.

Photography and design by Chris Strong.
Mastered at Colossal Studios, Chicago.
PRC-072 C, P - Polyvinyl Record Co. All rights reserved.
info@polyvinylrecords.com www.polyvinylrecords.com



all rights reserved


the rutabega South Bend, Indiana

The Rutabega is a Carp Rock duo from South Bend, Indiana.

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Track Name: fluorescent funeral
hooray - i hate this room and this parade
your plastic tassels are frayed
fluorescents lost the novelty
hooray - i don't hate this room today
your warm bodies make me safe
hand-me-down comfort items

i remember when great grandma died
you tried to make me touch her face

this place smells like dinner mints
the lights are way too bright
coffee breath and baby powder

i've never seen this many insects in one place
with long, long faces
Track Name: serotonin
serotonin stop the droning
always flow we can always grow
these are things that we should be
forever on the run i'm not done

i won't be a puppet
i'm not going back
and if you don't like it
get off the track
i'm never going back

proper motives i should know
if broken bands deserve to be fixed
here's a pattern i'll repeat
forever on the run i'm not done
Track Name: buckets full of beautiful things
you made me die tonight
what a joy it was
spending the weakest with you
you opened up my eyes
and poured inside
buckets full of beautiful things

you burned me at the stake
happy birthday
no one's gonna blow out my candles
you opened up my life
and poured inside
buckets full of beautiful things