by the rutabega

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contact: theseknottylines[at]gmail[dot]com


released November 11, 2011

*These songs were originally on a limited CDR release titled "it's you".

All songs copyright 2005 Joshua Wayne Hensley Music (ASCAP).
Mastered by Jon Cohrs at Spleenless Mastering.
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 recorded by Josh at the Patsy Presents Studio.
Tracks 4, 7 recorded by Matt Morgan at Camp Ironwood.
Mixed by Josh & Matt at Camp Ironwood.
Emily Trimboli-Hensley - vocals on ‘wherever i may find her’.
Michael Thies - keys on ‘bodies=tools’.



all rights reserved


the rutabega South Bend, Indiana

The Rutabega is a Carp Rock duo from South Bend, Indiana.

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Track Name: bodies=tools
those words you said cut right to the bone
i probably should have known
beneath the surface there was marrow
floating dead and cold

you said we’d use our minds
dream up things to do
make our bodies do them
because bodies are our tools

it was the best day i’ve ever known
and i went to the park all alone
beneath the swing set there was marrow
floating dead and cold
Track Name: old friend
hello and welcome to summer
have you met my brother?
he currently takes medication
to help him make peace with
the genius inside him

you are a curious kind
old friend of mine

so pass me that bottle
then pass me a song
we've been through so much together
has it really been that long?
hey meet me in the aisle
we'll talk about Sonic Youth
did you know the Beatles were talking to you
when they said all you need is love
and that's what you'll find

you are a curious kind
old friend of mine
Track Name: wherever i may find her
why i gotta be so scared?
why i gotta be so far away from new?
why you gotta be so sweet?
why you gotta be so recently alone?

and somewhere in my head
the first time we ever me
was just like in the movies

maybe it’ll open up
of course it will be exactly what it should
and even though we both are damaged
maybe we can wash away our sins

and somewhere in your head
the first time we ever me
was just like in the movies
Track Name: a new song
hey girl i got proposition today
if you will cut my hair i’ll teach you how to play
i’ll take you to movies i promise i’ll behave
just sitting next to you is a treasure i’ll save

cuz i want you and i need you
and i’m waiting for you to want me too

hey girl i got a new song i wrote for you today
i’ll give it to you at the movies - i’m not afraid
i wanna take you to the beach and climb up the waves
it’s ok if you’re not ready to kiss me - i’ll wait

cuz i want you and i need you
and it’s crazy that you want me too
Track Name: folk song primer
oh, give us this day
fill it up with wheat bread and love songs
oh, i found it today in a beaten up folk song primer
it was written...

2,000 years ahead of my time
and nothing else could have been written
everyone sang it out and beat their hands on the ground
it was ugly - but it forced him to listen

oh honestly say
all of our debts are forgiven
oh, dream it today and maybe we will wake up in heaven
it was written...
Track Name: pellets
you know we all see god in strange places
strange faces
strange things
i saw it tonight but i can’t call it that
the word’s been ruined

tonight it looked like trees and light and sage
and this thought:
i won’t live my life being unhappy

i woke my son up and told him
he thought that i was crazy
i probably was
he said only we will know about this
and i agreed

he said what if pac man was really just kissing those pellets?
i laughed and said the ghosts were probably just trying to kiss him too
i wish i could kiss a big pellet and turn everybody blue
for just a minute
Track Name: walk on ahead
settle up now
you’ve got a little time
don’t be afraid
it’s all been leading up to this

walk on ahead
i’ll be beside you
i’ll be everywhere

slowly unfurl our flag
and wrap yourself up in it

they told you it was a disease
but we know better
your attention goes where it needs to go